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Merrell Recovery Associates - Clinical Social Work and counseling - Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Muskegon, Holland, and Grand RapidsTherapy, or treatment, is the attempted remediation of a health problem, usually following a diagnosis. In the medical field, it is synonymous with the word "treatment". Among psychologists, the term may refer specifically to psychotherapy or "therapy".

The State of Michigan’s Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP) was established in 1994 by legislation.

The State of Michigan’s Health Professionals Recovery Program (HPRP) was established in 1994 by legislation. This program is administered through a contract with the Department of Community Health/Bureau of Health Professions and is supported by various health professional licensing boards and the associations and societies of the health professions in the State. The HPRP supports the recovery of its participants so they may safely return to practice and protect the safety of the general public.

The typical steps involved for participation in the HPRP are:

Referral – Information regarding possible impairment given to the HPRP may come from colleagues, partners, hospital administrations, patients, family members, the State or the licensee himself or herself. All information is held in strict confidence, according to the wishes of the reporting party, with protection from civil and criminal liability, as long as the report or information is given in good faith.

Intake - This involves gathering information and descriptions of the possible problem. A licensee may participate in the HPRP if he or she agrees to comply with the requirements of the program. Through this participation, the licensee may be able to be diverted from the disciplinary track which would involve the licensing board of his or her profession. If there is reason to believe there may be a problem which could result in impaired practice and the individual refuses evaluation or subsequent treatment, the individual will be reported to the Department of Community Health.

Evaluation - If it appears that the individual may be qualified for the HPRP, he or she is then referred to a qualified evaluator. The purpose of this evaluation is to determine the nature of the problem and to help the HPRP contractor to design a Monitoring Agreement.

Treatment - If the evaluation indicates a substance use disorder and/or mental health disorder that represents a possible impairment, the HPRP makes referrals for treatment services. These referrals will be for a level of care, which is appropriate to the severity of the problem. The treatment approach will generally involve a multi-disciplinary approach to treat the whole person.

Monitoring Agreement - The HPRP will work with the person and treatment providers to establish a Monitoring Agreement. The monitoring agreement will typically last one to three years by which time the recovery of the participant should be well established. This Recovery Monitoring Agreement may include elements such as; limitations on practice or employment, random drug screening, various monitoring and progress reports, meetings with self-help and/or peer support groups, evaluation and treatment. During the monitoring period, the HPRP will communicate with the licensee and their providers in order to support the participant's continued work in the professional setting. This serves to assure the people of the State of Michigan that the health care providers who are caring for them are providing that care in a safe and competent manner.

Completion of the HPRP - An HPRP participant will be released from the HPRP upon successful completion of the monitoring agreement. All records are destroyed five years after the date of successful completion of the program. However, once a health professional is accepted into the program, he or she may be terminated for failure to comply with the agreement. These terminations are reported to the Bureau of Health Professions and could result in subsequent disciplinary actions.


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